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Välkommen till Malmös underbara Blood Bowl värld. Kom med och lira du också. Såväl erfarna spelare som nybörjare är lika välkomna. Vi kan också hjälpa till att skaka fram figurer åt den som vill prova på.

Framför dig på skärmen bevittnar du BBL, sidan som är vårt verktyg för att driva vår liga. Reglerna är enligt senaste versionen från GW BB2020 Second Season med expansioner (och vissa husregler såklart).

Kort sagt, skynda in och registrera dig, leta rätt på ditt favoritlag, hitta dina bästa tärningar och börja ditt nya 'Blood Bowl Liv' - för här i Malmö med omnejd finns det alltid någon att spela detta fantastiska brädspel med. Oavsett om det är en stenhård kamp i en tävlingsmatch eller bara en soft och chill vänskapsmatch! Cheers!!!

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Jan. 5th, 2023
BloodBowl on Ice!
Brrrrr, the cold and bitter IceBowl is about to end, and what a cold fiest it has been.
Vampires, vampires and Vampires have been running around in this cold climate sucking and bowling.
Maybe their blood is so cold that they can´t be affected.
Remarkble is that two out of three vampire team go to the Semifinals.

In the first Semi Eternal Arrghs will clash against the former passing gurus of Elf-jester United.
Will the Elven team be able to play their game or can the vampires hold their minds clear of "bloodythougts".
One slip or fumble and the game changes!

In the second Semi Prancing Peacocks solid play will be crutial, but the Nocturnal Nightmares shall not be called off.
Becourse the last time Prancing Peacocks met a vampire team they lost! It will get down to how "Bloodlusty" Nocturnal Nightmares feel on game day!

Who would thought? There´s a possibilty of a Vampire Final!

Go IceBowlers Go!

Helga Hellfist
Malmö Bloodsport Journal
- chgadd
Jan. 4th, 2023
Spike! Magazine Open!
The season is about to wrap! And now we´re locking the league positions in Spike.
In Group A Prophets of Pleasure & Pain and last years winners Moonshine BadBoys advance to the SEMIS. The opposition from Group B will bee none other than the hard hitting Walkürenritt and Tatooines United.

Spike! Magazine Player of the Year

In this competion it seems that Krirac II will be very hard to beat. This super hafling is also in the top of the most TD and maybe he will get two awards this season.

Semi 1
Prophets of Pleasure & Pain - Tatooines United

Darkelves vs Haflings, interresting matchup! Tatooines United has been struggling lately. Can they pick up the paste and give Prophets of Pleasure & Pain a match.


Walkürenritt - Moonshine BadBoys

Chaos about to happen! Two hardhitting team about to bash, will last season champions advence to the FINAL so they can defend last season victory?
Or will Walkürenritt with the uppcoming star Brünnhilde stop them in their tracks?

Everyone awaits the finals with joy and the longing for pure and beutiful violenc.... eee good plays!

Good luck and may Nuffle bless the Finals!

Helga Hellfist
Malmö Bloodsport Journal
- chgadd
Aug. 24th, 2022 - old news
The Blood Bowl Classic or Chaos Cup?????
What is happening? Wasn't the Chaos cup last season. Obviously not. Now it's Chaos again when Khorne Krushers and Moonshine BadBoys square off in the Blood Bowl classic final to clarify who really is the best chaos team!

I can already smell the horns penetrating organs and bones. And feel the taste of blood. I can´t wait to hear the crowd cheer. Bring us Chaos and mayhem!!!!!!

Helga Hellfist
Malmö Bloodsport Journal
- chgadd
Aug. 14th, 2022 - old news
Blood Bowl Classic Playoffs can start!!!!
That´s it! The playoffs can begin. It was a long uncertain wait before we knew which teams that would advance. Especially in the eastern division.
Khorne Krushers confidently secured their place early but for a while it felt like everyone could reach the playoffs. In the end, it was the Moonshine Badboys who grabbed the last "halmstrå". Now a real bash party is expected given the opposition. Cyborcs, like Khorne Krushers, secured their place quite early and have worked their way up to get into this position. Corona Champs take the top spot in the western division despite playing one game less.
Now we hope for honorable finals with blood, broken bones and death. Uhmm yes and Touchdowns of course!

Reporting in
Helga Hellfist
Malmö Bloodsport Journal
- chgadd
Aug. 2nd, 2022 - old news
Worst Tackle of the seson!
Säsongen närmar sig slutspurt och "Anti-violence Watchdog Committee" har inte haft så mycket att göra...

Bästa killen gjordes av en oreggad spelare i matchen Precious Metals - Corona Champs (Season Two, Blood Bowl Classic Cross) där Corona Champs omsjungne hjälte Huggie (180k) omkom.

i övrigt ser det ut enligt följande.......

Ingenkaka tryckte till Tellurium 100k

Crimsonslayer stångade ihjäl Skrammelman 100k

Nehekaka mosade Gallana Band-'ana 100k

Anti-violence Watchdog Committee hoppas nu att avslutningen på säsongen blir riktigt blodig med ett par nya "fräscha" och betydelsefulla kills!

Just don´t hit´em.... Hit them hard!
- chgadd

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