Eternal Arrghs

Race:  Vampire
Coach:  Be_gt
Sailing the frozen north searching for fame and treasure the Eternal Arrghs have decided that it would be easier to find the money on the bloodbowl pitch.

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Nov. 13th, 2022
Still sailing in stormy waters
Todays vampire derby was played against The Last Suckers and the weather continued very much in the same way. The Hailstorm lasted for the first half of the game and then a freezing fog rolled in. It cleared up in the last drives but by then the Eternal Arrghs had already run amok in the game making 4 TDs! Red Legs only did two this time under strict orders from the coach to share some glory.
- Be_gt
Nov. 6th, 2022
Another hailstorm!
The Eternals seem to be sailing in an eternal Hailstorm but they have adapted better and literally ran away with today's game. It started with causing 3 very early casualties to the Purple Princes and they never really recovered. Red Legs Greaves was a complete ball hog and scored all FIVE goals!
- Be_gt
Sep. 18th, 2022 - old news
Vampire derby
A wonderfully chilly match was played today between the Nocturnal Nightmares and the Eternal Arrghs in mostly HAILSTORM conditions. A unlucky trip and fall when trying to hand the ball to the Nocturnals team captain resulted in the Eternals being able to scoop up the ball and bravely run away. Then the laser will and focus on Black Sam allowed him to score the winning touchdown.
- Be_gt
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